Retreat Workshops

We will offer the following workshops this year, based on interest:

  1. Hoping and Coping in the First Year: You're a survivor! Exploring the attitude, life skills and strategies for learning to live a new normal in a  bewildering world, while holding on to hope.
  2. Transitioning to Living Single – After we cope initially with the harsh reality of our loss, we are faced with the new reality of being single again. How do we transition to this new role and adjust to the challenges it brings to our lives and the future? This workshop looks at the" new reality" of what being single again means to our lives and future.
  3. Complicated Grief – For those whose grief has been further complicated by muliple losses, death by suicide, violence,or various other circumstances which make your grief (and recovery)  even more difficult. 
  4. Experiencing Grief as a Man – How men grieve differently. Balancing relationships, work and the home. Coping with loss and loneliness.
  5. Christianity and the Griever: Major life-changing events, such as the loss of a spouse, challenge our faith and beliefs in a radical way. How does our Christian faith equip us to deal with grief and loss, and the resulting changes in our lives.
  6. Financial Advice: Managing your day to day affairs and estate planning. Practical and sound advice to help you sort out your financial concerns, with time for a question and answer period.

Our Presenters will include:

In Kelowna, our support group is facilitated by Lorna Bohn who is currently serving as president of the NH Board of Directors. Widowed in 1999, Lorna speaks with an empathetic and compassionate heart to the bereaved as she facilitates the workshop "Hoping and Coping--Surviving the First Year."  Lorna will also explore her personal experience and understanding of the journey in the "Christianity and the Griever" workshop.

The workshop, "Experiencing Grief as a Man " will be facilitated by Ken Mather of Armstrong, BC. Widowed in 2007,and a former member of our New Hope Board of Directors, Ken brings the male perspective to our retreat. Now remarried, he continues to value the role of New Hope in supporting grieving men as he speaks from his personal journey. 

"Complicated Grief" will be presented by our founder and former president,, Grace Wulff,  Remarried and residings in Vernon, BC., Grace volunteers as a hospital chaplain. Her book "Journey of Hope" which tells her story of how New Hope began, will be available for purchase at the Retreat.

"Financial Matters," a helpful presentation by Wendy Klein of Vernon, will highlight financial concerns following the death of your spouse. Wendy is a financial management consultant who has been advising people in this area for 40 years.

After being widowed in 1999, Liz Hromek was "single again" while raising her two children and completing post-secondary studies. Liz brings her experience of loss and rebuilding her life to the workshop "Transitioning to Living Single."

Our Friday evening session will feature musical guest Michaela Burger, whose heartwarming selections pour out of a compassionate heart for people who are hurting.. Many retreaters find musical expression, the language of the heart, to be a healing force in their lives.


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