Donations may be sent directly to New Hope at the following address:  New Hope, People Place, #004, 3402-27 Avenue, Vernon, BC, Canada. V1T 1S1.  or......

This Donation button can be used for any amount. We are working on a system where those who wish can get their donation deducted monthly through Pay Pal, using your Visa or Master Card, or banking account. We are able to provide a Subscription rate, but for only one amount, which we will post at $25 a month, for the period of one year. If you are interested in this option, use the Paypal Payment Plan button. We are looking into changing this so that people can set their own amount. Thank you for your patience as we learn this new system, and thank you for supporting New Hope!




Click the button below for the $25.00/month subscription.


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